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Fretted Instrument Workshop is your source for flat top guitars near Boston, Massachusetts. Our wide selection of guitar models available makes it easy to find the perfect one to fit your budget and personal taste. Our guitars are ideal for all skill levels from students to professional guitar players. From finding your new go-to guitar to expanding your personal collection, you will find it a Fretted Instrument Workshop.

We offer an ever-changing selection of both new guitars and used guitars that can accommodate any style, budget and skill level. With a price range starting at just $200, Fretted Instrument Workshop has become the go-to shop for guitar lovers throughout the Boston area.

For ordering information, please email us, or call (413) 256-6217!

NOTE: Flat Top Martin Guitars are listed separately: check out our NEW Martin Guitars and USED Martin Guitars.

Huss & Dalton TD-R ––– Custom Brazilian rosewood and adirondack. Best Brazilian I've seen in 30 years. AAA adriondack spruce. Giant focused sound! Great tonal range. Excellent condition and playability. w/original tweed hardcase. $5995

Blueridge BR-60 ––– Solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides dreadnought. New w/HSC. $675

Blueridge BR-40 ––– Solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides dreadnought. New w/HSC. $575

Blueridge BR-63 ––– Solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides, OM size. New w/HSC. $675

Blueridge BR-43 ––– Solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, OM size. New w/HSC. $575

Blueridge BR-160 ––– All solid wood. Rosewood and spruce dreadnought. New w/HSC. $925

Blueridge BR-140––– All solid wood. Mahogany and spruce dreadnought shape. New w/ HSC. $750

Blueridge BR-140A ––– All solid wood. Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back and sides. New w/HSC. $799 SOLD

Blueridge BR-160A ––– All solid wood. Adirondack spruce top, rosewood back and sides. New w/ HSC. $1095

Blueridge BR-163 ––– All solid wood. Rosewood and spruce OM shape. New w/HSC. $785

Blueridge BR-143 ––– All solid wood. Mahogany and spruce OM shape. New w/HSC. $750

Blueridge BR-341 ––– All solid wood. Mahogany and spruce parlor guitar. New w/HSC. $925

Blueridge BR40-T ––– All solid wood. Mahogany and spruce tenor guitar. $475 SOLD

Blueridge BR60-T ––– All solid wood. Rosewood and spruce tenor guitar. $595

C. Fox ––– Model C Napa. New w/ HSC. $2220

C. Fox ––– Style H Napa with Highlander pickup. Used, like new. w/ HSC. $2030

David Noll ––– A nice old rosewood dreadnought from 1982. A great sounding and playing bluegrass guitar from this maker. Used w/HSC $1500

Eastman AC-412 CE ––– Rosewood cutaway, OM-size, Fishman electronics. New with HSC. $1050

Eastman AC-320 CE ––– Mahogany cutaway dreadnought, Fishman electronics. New with HSC. $875

Eastman AC-412 ––– Rosewood OM-size. New with HSC. $795

Eastman E08-D ––– Indian rosewood dreadnaught, sitka spruce top, herringbone purfling, squared headstock. New w/HSC. $950

Eastman E10-D ––– Hondouras mahohany dreadnaught, adirondack spruce top, squared headstock. New w/HSC. $950

Eastman AC 710 ––– Deluxe rosewood orchestra model. New w/HSC. $1250

Epiphone FT-90 El Dorado ––– 1964 in excellent condition, natural top, w/ HSC. $2495

Gibson J-50 ––– 1965, natural top. EX+. w/ hard case. $2595

Gibson L-50 ––– 1932-4, arched top, flat back, round soundhole. excellent+ original condition. w/HSC. $2099

Gibson LG-0 ––– 1965, rosewood bridge, VG+ condition. w/original chipoboard case. $895

S.L. Mossman Flint Hills ––– 1977, bluegrass dreadnaught. Excellent condition, w/pickup. Rosewood back and sides, spruce top. w/hard case. $1995

Gretsch Model 6003 ––– A great sounding 00 size flat top from 1961 with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides. w/ original chipboard case $1595

Peter Granata ––– 16" Jumbo from 1999. Cocobolo back and sides with a spruce top. 5 piece mahogany and maple neck, ebony fingerboard. With Fishman electronics and HSC. Used $1850

Larrivee LV-09 ––– Cutaway OM sized body. Solid spruce top and indian rosewood back and sides. Body is bound in curly maple. A very fine sounding instrument for finger picking and flat picking. New w/ HSC. $2399

Ivon Schmukler cutaway OM––– Ivon runs the Leeds Guitarmakers' School in Northampton MA where he teaches guitar making in a small production shop. His steele string instruments are modeled after the instruments made by the C.F. Martin Company during the golden years of the late 1920's through World War II. This cutaway OM guitar features a spruce top with mahogany back and sides. A great sounding guitar for finger picking or flat picking. New w/HSC. $2350

Ivon Schmukler OM –––This OM features an engleman spruce top and Jatoba back and sides. Jatoba looks like mahogany but is much denser giving a tone similar to Brazilian rosewood. A great sounding guitar. New w/HSC. $2165

Tippin ––– 00-12 with Adirodack spruce top and Asian rosewood back and sides. A great guitar! New w/ HSC. $6000


Gibson Centennial Collection – To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Gibson re-issued 12 special guitars, each model hand-crafted in a run of only 100 instruments. Seeing the value of this rare and extraordinary collection, we purchased one full set in 1994 and are now offering it for sale to the discerning collector. Each guitar has a deluxe hard-shell case, certificate of authenticity, and carries Gibson’s lifetime warranty. $38,500 in “new unsold” condition. (1994 List Price was $44,700) These 12 guitars will be sold only as a complete set. Please do not ask about buying only one guitar! We will not split up this historically significant collection.

1929 L-2 – In 1929, Gibson took the already famous L-2 arch top acoustic and created the L-2 Flat Top. The first L-2 appeared in Gibson’s very first catalog in 1903! L-00 body size; Sitka spruce top; rosewood back & sides; ebony fingerboard; ebony vintage style bridge; gold sparkle rosette; 6 point flame peghead inlay; 12-fret neck-to-body joint; classic 1929 elevated pickguard.

1933 Century – Originally built in honor of Chicago’s 1933 centennial exposition “Century of Progress.”
Small-body guitar with extravagant white pearloid fingerboard with ornate mother-of-pearl inlays with rosewood rectangles; pearloid headstock veneer with pearl & rosewood inlay; Sitka spruce top; curly maple back & sides

1934 Jumbo – This sloped-shoulder dreadnought was built to deliver the big & boomy sound for the small combos and vocal groups popular in the 1930s. This commemorative model is designed after a beautiful custom-ordered Jumbo built in 1934.
Spruce top; rosewood back & sides; bound peghead with elegant pearl inlay design; varied pearl “Flower & Leaf” inlay on fingerboard; custom elevated pickguard.

1934 Roy Smeck Radio Grande – Popular radio star Roy Smeck joined the Gibson Artist line-up with the “Roy Smeck Hawaiian Guitar” introduced in 1934. This Radio Grande is the upgrade version of the model now commonly referred to as “the Roy Smeck model.”
Sloped-shoulder dreadnought; spruce top; rosewood back & sides; wide rosewood fingerboard; Nick Lucas style fingerboard inlay; 12th-fret neck-to-body; set up for standard style guitar playing and includes replacement nut & saddle for conversion to Hawaiian slide style.

1938 Super Jumbo 200
Prewar SJ200 has the uniquely distinct characteristics that briefly appeared in its first few years of production. Only 96 SJ200s were built before WWII.
Spruce top; maple back & sides; period-style multiple fingerboard binding; classic individual saddle posts; height adjusters; pre-war ebony moustache bridge; never before reproduced pre-war pickguard with multi colored celluloid dots & beautiful floral design; authentic large white-bordered truss rod cover

1939 Super Jumbo 100 - This rare Jumbo appeared from 1939 to 1941. The commemorative SJ-100 is highly prized for its unmistakable, unique peghead which is carved in a stairstep fashion on the sides. Spruce top; mahogany back & sides; bound ebony fingerboard; ebony moustache bridge; stairstep peghead with Imperial tuners; classic 1939 terraced pickguard.

1940 Jumbo 55 - Of the legendary Gibson Jumbo family of the 1930s, the Jumbo 55 remains the most elaborate and distinct.
Sloped shoulder dreadnought; spruce top; ebony fingerboard; ebony moustache bridge; mahogany back & sides; carved stairstep peghead; historic terraced pickguard; advanced bracing pattern; vintage AJ tuners.

1948 Super Jumbo 200 N- The “N” in the model name indicates natural finish, which has since remained the most popular.
Spruce top; highly figured maple back & sides; historic antique natural finish; SJ-200 rosewood bridge; 1948 style SJ-200 pickguard with floral design; authentic large white-bordered truss rod cover.

1950 CF-100E - Introduced in 1950, the CF-100E is a small-bodied cutaway electric-acoustic which was 25 years ahead of its time. Spruce top; mahogany back & sides; rosewood fingerboard & bridge; single coil P-90 pickup at end of fingerboard; vintage volume & tone controls; trapezoid fingerboard inaly; belly bridge.

1951 J-185- Still considered as the ideal shape & size for an acoustic guitar! This commemorative model bears all the J-185’s original characteristics, including smaller peghead with darkened “holly” veneer. Spruce top; figured maple back & sides; rosewood fingerboard with parallelogram inlays; Maltese Cross inlays on rosewood bridge; original small crown inlay on pegheads.

1963 Hummingbird - The Hummingbird was originally introduced in 1960. The rare1963 model was produced for about one year in only small quantities and is identified by its maple back & sides. Spruce top; maple back & sides; 1960 style heritage cherry sunburst finish; original peghead design and “holly” veneer.

J-200 “Rose Model” - This J-200 was designed to honor Emmylou Harris, the Queen of Country Music.
Spruce top; maple back & sides; ebony finish; gold tuners; distinctive red rose pickguard; special design mother-of-pearl fretboard inlays.



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